Liverpool Storage Solutions operates commercial storage in the North West of England and we are often asked about our licences.  We are C.O.M.A.H registered which means that we are licensed to store hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals and we provide transport to and from our facilities for clients that require a logistics service.  All our truck drivers are fully licensed.

We also have lifting gear and we use fork lift trucks and it is a mystery to us why almost everyone in the UK believes that fork lift truck drivers must have a licence that is renewable tri annually.  The myth continues with an illusion that the licence can only be renewed if the fork lift truck driver takes a refresher training course.

More than 7,000 Monthly Searches for Licences that Don’t Exist

In excess of 7,000 searches are made on the internet each month from people looking to obtain these licences and book onto refresher courses.  It is even more astonishing that the situations vacant columns in local newspapers, whether there are vacancies for fork lift truck drivers in companies that offer commercial storage in the North West or factories the length and breadth of the UK, stipulate that prospective candidates must be licenced to drive a fork lift truck.

The reason that this is so surprising is that in reality Fork Lift Truck licences don’t exist and according to guidance from the Health and Safety Executive no one has to take any type of refresher training course after 3 years or in any other time period.  Logically this would be the case since if there is no licence, you wouldn’t have to renew it, would you?

Adequate Training Must Be Provided

What does apply in the use of this equipment is Regulation 9 of the PUWER98 (Provision and Use of Work Equipment 1998) where adequate training has to be provided by employers before their workers are able to use such equipment.  This training can be provided by a company’s own accredited trainer or can be outsourced.

When the fork lift truck driver has undergone such training, it is obligatory that the employer gives the employee written authorisation to operate the equipment and although this will take place after training has been delivered, it does not and never has constituted a licence.  It is at the employer’s discretion as to the period of validity of the authorisation and the Health and Safety Executive requires that such operators are monitored and assessed regularly to ascertain whether there is a need for further training.  Therefore, if no further training is required which is more than likely if the initial training was good and if the operator gains considerable practical experience, it is not an obligation of the employer to further train the operator.

Our Fork Lift Truck Drivers don’t have Transferable Licences.

All our fork lift truck drivers working at our commercial storage North West facility are fully trained authorised and highly experienced operatives.  However, we would like to dispel another myth which is that we as employers hold some form of “national driving licence” for our fork lift truck drivers that is transferable should they move on to other employers.  Clearly since these licences don’t exist, this is impossible and in any event a fork lift truck driver who is accustomed to working in a commercial storage North West facility, who moves to work in say, a pasty factory in Cornwall will have different duties to undertake and therefore the new employer will need to assess the operator’s skills as pertaining to the specific type of lifting that is required in their industry.

Whilst it is essential that fork lift truck drivers are properly trained by accredited training providers, whether in house or not, the training should match the employer’s specific requirements and those of the operator.

Foreign Fork Lift Truck Licences are Not Valid in the UK

In certain countries, national licensing schemes for fork lift truck driving do exist.  However, the rules that apply in such countries may not be compatible with the operation of fork lift trucks in the UK hence if we employ a foreigner in our commercial storage North West facility we know that any licence the employee holds is not valid.

So for all employers out there who are desperately searching for licenced fork lift truck drivers and paying for them to be retrained every three years we hope this blog has been useful in separating myth from fact.  More details can be found in the Health and Safety Executive L117 Booklet.

Storage in the North West of England

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Storage in the North West of England

Storage North West?

If you are reading this blog it is likely that you are looking for storage in the Northwest of England so welcome to Liverpool Storage Solutions blog, one of the UK’s leading storage solutions providers.   We appreciate that we are one of many storage solutions providers in the UK but we would like to think that whichever facility you use, you should know what to look for when choosing a good warehouse to store your commercial or private goods in.  Hence here are some questions you should ask of the service provider:

1)       Are they flexible?

This is very important because you need to know whether there are restrictions on the amount of goods you can store and how long you can store them for.  At Liverpool Storage Solutions we don’t mind if you have 10 pallets or 3,000 and you can store them for as little or as long as you like.

2)      What is the quality of their service?

As a leading provider of storage in the North West of England we like to think that we are the best but you should check out customer reviews and testimonials of anyone you are going to entrust your valuable stock or possessions with.

3)      What do they charge?

Make sure that you look at the storage contract you will be provided with and read the small print.  Liverpool Storage Solutions believe in total transparency and you will be quoted and exact price with no hidden charges for our warehouse storage in the North West of England.

4)      Do they provide transport?

If you have a large amount of stock and you don’t have your own transport, check out if the storage provider has its own transport and also whether they provide a complete logistics service.  Liverpool Storage Solutions has a fleet of vehicles that can collect and deliver from you and to your customers from our warehouse storage in the North West of England. We are also well placed in Speke, Liverpool just a short distance from the main motorway network, John Lennon Airport and the docks.

If you get all the right answers to these questions from a potential storage provider you will be in an informed position to make the right choice.

Storage Merseyside

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Secure, Reliable Storage in Merseyside

If you are looking to find ways to save money, either long term or short term, on storage Liverpool Storage Solutions has an ideal facility for storage in Merseyside.

No matter what you want to store, hazardous chemicals, non-hazardous chemicals, car parts, household goods, office supplies or anything else we have an ideal space located very close to the main motorway network in Speke.

Fully licensed and insured your goods will always be safe with us.  We have the latest technology in inventory check, handling gear operated by fully trained staff and if required we have the transport in place to collect and deliver your goods, offering you a one stop solution in storage and logistics.

Whether you need local storage or a strategically placed storage facility to service the whole of the UK, storage in Merseyside makes sense.  If you use our transport to collect and deliver stock, you’ll find our prices very competitive and our drivers reliable.

Established as a leading provider of storage in Merseyside for many years Liverpool Storage Solutions has an enviable reputation of being honest, reliable and professional when handling clients’ goods.  We will treat your goods and products as if they were our own, exercising due care when loading or unloading them and keeping an exact inventory of what comes in and what goes out.  If you are drawing off products and goods gradually, we will provide you with an up to date stock list so that you never run out of anything.

If you need an urgent delivery we will always try to accommodate you meaning that you can rely on us to keep control of your stock, collection and delivery schedules.  It is one less job for you to worry about and you may be pleasantly surprised by our competitive rates.

Call us today for a quote on 0151 448 1199 and to discuss your requirements for storage in Merseyside.

Warehousing solutions Merseyside

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In the current economic downturn many businesses are in the “chicken and egg” situation, wanting to expand but not being able to because no one knows for certain where the economy is heading.  Having to tighten our budgets means that we sometimes can’t take advantage of bulk buying either because we haven’t got the money to expand our commercial premises or we are unable to adapt them for the storage we need.

Warehouse solutions

COMAH storage solutions

This is particularly true of smaller companies that either use hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals or supply them to others.

Liverpool Storage exists to assist companies with COMAH registered warehouse solutions in the UK including Merseyside where we are based.

You can take advantage of the discounts offered for bulk buying and we will store your hazardous or non-hazardous chemicals in a COMAH registered safe environment where you can draw off the chemicals as and when you need them.

Offering transport service too, we can deliver and collect your chemicals so you can have a one stop shop providing all your COMAH warehouse solutions based in Merseyside working alongside your business to make sure it is a success.

With trained handling operatives and experienced reliable drivers you can be certain that we will keep your stock safe and work to your exact collection and delivery schedules, carrying out your business in the same way as we handle our own.

We are strategically located in Speke and service the whole of the UK so call us today to find out how our COMAH warehouse solutions in Merseyside can help your business.

Commercial Storage Liverpool

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For the absolute best in organised and affordable commercial storage in Liverpool you won’t find better than Liverpool Storage Solutions.

We have transport to collect and deliver your goods if necessary and are fully licenced to store hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals.  No matter what your commercial storage requirements are in Liverpool we can accommodate most products, short and long term.

For long term storage solutions you can use out facility as your own personal space to draw off stock as and when required thereby saving you the cost of renting a warehouse or extra space for you products.

Fully insured and highly organised we will handle your goods as if they were our own and even provide you with a regular inventory when you use us for long term commercial storage.

Commercial storage in Liverpool does not have to cost mega bucks.  We are happy to discuss your specific requirements and negotiate a price that fits your budget whilst advising you of your commercial storage options if required.

We can also integrate transport costs into the price if you need a logistics service and being based in the North West our commercial storage facility is strategically located in Liverpool close the main motorway network at Speke and the docks and airport to serve the whole of the UK.

Call us today for a commercial storage Liverpool quote.  You may be pleasantly surprised by our rates and the comprehensive service that we provide

Chemical Storage North West

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Storing chemicals safely is taken very seriously by any company that uses them. The importance of this cannot be stressed enough and all firms using these potentially hazardous components will have staff fully trained to deal with them.  Health and safety directives are in place to give specialist advice on all chemicals, and anywhere that stores them comes under the Control of Major Accidents Hazard agency which is a Government body controlling chemical storage in the UK. These precautions and regulations ensure the safety of the public and the employees who may come into contact with the chemicals.

When importing chemicals by air, road or sea there is often a need for interim storage when the chemicals arrive in this country.  One major area that these chemicals often pass through is the north west of England and a chemical storage warehouse near the arrival point is required.  Liverpool Storage Solutions have a fully registered warehouse within easy reach of the major motorways, docks and airport. They have trained staff who will attend to any chemical shipment in the appropriate safe manner. This company can arrange to collect the chemicals, store them and then transport them onwards if required.

This type of storage facility is invaluable to those transporting chemicals across the country and although this particular chemical storage facility serves the North West there are others available throughout the UK; providing a safe reliable option for importers giving the confidence and security needed for these hazardous goods. The onus for safe handling and transporting of chemicals is on the importer.   Liverpool Storage Solutions and other similar businesses allow these products to be safely held while making their journey to their final destination.

These warehouses are also happy to provide storage for the excess stock from those using chemicals on a regular basis that may not have sufficient storage at their own site. This can be helpful as it is often cheaper to buy in large quantities so can be financially beneficial even when the cost of storage is taken into account.

North West Chemical Storage Solutions

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North West Chemical Storage Solutions

Any storage unit which offers services to those requiring temporary or permanent storage of hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals has to be registered with COMAH (Control of Major Accidents Hazard) a government body which controls the use and storage of chemicals in the UK. Obviously there are special concerns when dealing with any form of chemical with particular emphasis on safety of those employed and dealing with the chemicals,  their containers and also the risk to the public in case of a spill or accidental release. For these reasons only registered facilities can be used for this type of storage and the whole business is strictly regulated.

Strategically Located North West Chemical Storage Facility

In the North West, the chemical storage facility run by Liverpool Storage Solutions is highly recommended. Ideally situated near docks, airport and major road systems they are easy to locate and any chemicals arriving can be quickly and appropriately stored by their experienced, fully trained staff.  Both transporter and eventual receiver can rest assured that these well run facilities comply with all Government and Safety guidelines and the staff there will make sure that the goods are dispatched onward in perfect condition either by a designated haulage company or by their own transportation division.

Buy in Bulk and Store your Chemicals in North West Chemical Storage

Other businesses who may find this company useful are those who use a lot of chemicals but have limited storage facilities themselves. Knowing that it is a hazard to overcrowd chemicals in storage due to the risk of spillage, fire risk and damage to containers, and yet needing to be competitive by getting the best prices when purchasing, normally means buying in bulk. If your business is one of these and is located in the North West chemical storage is close to hand in the facility of Liverpool Storage Solutions who are quite happy to arrange collection and delivery of chemicals for your requirements and are equipped with all the necessary tools to do so safely. This gives you the opportunity to buy in larger amounts, at beneficial rates and know that your excess stock will be correctly stored until needed.

Storage North West

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The other day Liverpool Storage Solutions received a call from an office manager who was looking for storage for some boxes in the North West.  We duly told him that we had a secure storage warehouse in Liverpool and he came along to inspect our premises.

“How many boxes do you have” our customer services manager asked.

“Around 2,000” he said.

He then explained that these were office storage boxes that contained archived files.  We don’t usually store documents and said as much but he said that he would not need to access the boxes; they just need to be stored for 3 more years before the company could legally destroy them.

He then asked if we could collect them and we duly agreed a time and date that Liverpool Storage transport would arrive at his offices which were not very far away from our North West storage facility in Speke.

Our driver arrived at the designated time and the office manager was a bit flustered.  He got a secretary to make our driver a cup of coffee saying that he just needed another half an hour to finish packing the boxes.

Our driver was kept waiting for more than an hour and he asked the secretary what was happening.  She said that when the office manager had discussed storage with his boss, it was agreed that this was the most logical option because they were running out of space but the boss had said that all the documents must be photocopied before placing the archived files in our Liverpool storage warehouse.

Our driver is above average intelligence but also knows when it is pointless to apply logic to a situation.  Having loaded all the boxes onto our truck he wondered exactly what this company had achieved by placing them in storage.

Why Choose us? – Storage Merseyside

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Liverpool Storage provides a facility for you to safely store your goods or hazardous chemicals in a fully licensed, safe and secure building that is easily accessible.

Offering transportation as well as storage solutions effectively allows you to “kill two birds with one stone” if you use Liverpool Storage Solutions.

Qualified fork lift drivers and trained lifting gear operatives ensure that your goods or chemicals are handled with care and our unparalleled administration makes sure that all goods are logged on entry to the warehouse and properly recorded as to their location.  Whether your goods are palletised or not we are able to accommodate them.

There is no limit as to how long you can store goods with us and you are able to draw off stock as and when required.

Being C.O.M.A.H registered and compliant, if you are storing chemicals with us you can be assured of the highest standards in handling and storage services.  We are able to store hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals in our Liverpool storage facility and to transport them anywhere in the UK.

Among the goods regularly stored in our warehouse are hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals, fragrances and motor components all in large quantities.  In addition we have smaller stock being moved in and out on a daily basis as we provide the facility of collection, storage and delivery of products that our clients send out to their customers.

Competitively priced, we are ideally located for nationwide collections and deliveries as well as to the local Liverpool and Merseyside areas.

Contact us today for more information about how our logistics and storage solutions can benefit your business.

Comah Storage Solutions Liverpool | Wirral

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If you need storage space for hazardous chemicals in Liverpool, you must choose a company offering COMAH storage solutions.

This is because COMAH (The Control of Major Accident Hazards) Regulations 1999 apply to any storage facility that stores specific amounts of hazardous substances.

There is a legal requirement for companies offering this type of storage facility to have and implement plans for incidents that may happen both on the premises and off site.  The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) monitors and ensures that companies offering storage for hazardous chemicals or substances are fully licensed and in compliance with COMAH regulations.

So rather than take risks with the possibility that there could be accidents beyond your control when storing chemicals make sure you choose COMAH storage solutions with Liverpool Storage.

It simply isn’t worth it to place your hazardous stock in a facility that isn’t licensed.  If an incident was to occur then not only would the owner of the premises be liable to prosecution but so would you and since licensed premises are so affordable nowadays nobody has to take risks with their stock.

Call Liverpool Storage today for all your COMAH storage solutions in Liverpool.